Our Factory Factory

Know About Our Factory

Subway Tile Factory has been producing ceramic tile since the last ten years but with the help of constant upgradation of the machinery and the dedication of the team to develop the best quality product has been the basis of the success of the Subway Tile Product development and consistency.

Press & Kiln Department

Our Press and other machinery for the production of the ceramic subway tile are from SACMI, Italy. We have 100+ surface structure punch to give our tile a real and authentic look.

Digital Printing & Glaze Department

We have a total five boil mills with different capacities to develop the glaze required to produce different tiles. We use “12 color CREADIGIT” from SYSTEM, Italy for digital printing and applications. All our frit and glaze are developed with VIDRES, Spain.

All of our raw materials are sourced from India from the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat.